Lia/Rayne have a suitor, lost in match, honoring wager.

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Lia/Rayne have a suitor, lost in match, honoring wager.

Post by angelanc28526 on Wed May 27, 2015 6:26 pm

SanosukeOokami: The man had been tracking his quarry relentlessly, staying just far enough away so that she would sense something but could never get a clear look, making sure to stay up wind so that his scent was hidden as well. He had stopped by a tailor and as she made her rounds about the village, using tobacco and woodsmoke to hide his scent. It had taken most of the day to make the new clothes he comissioned by both blood and coin, and she had left the fillage, judging by her scent. He followed it easily into the forest, staying in the boughs of the trees, moving silently in his new clothing, making sure that she wouldn't see him before he moved.
MaximumOverdrive: ~she had her guards with her today not for protection but conversation as she was discussing the new training schedule which they should have. She spots a clearing up ahead in the forest and smiles, thinking it a wonderful day to sit in nature and be of it. her mind was on the man she saw the day before, but she couldn't smell him like she did, but knew he was still around somewhere. She spoke to the guards to head back to the homestead, that she would be a long later. As they went their way she picks a spot and sits against a tree, shifting her brown skirt around so that her legs and feet were fully covered. she sighs softly enjoying the sounds of nature, closing her eyes she starts to drift off.~
SanosukeOokami: The male smirks some as he watches the guards leave. It was bitter sweet, he had wanted some fun before the main course. He waited until she was dozing and slipped silently to the ground, slowly and silently making his way to her. As he stands before her, he clears his throat. The little light coming into the clearing cut him as an imposing figure, the light glinting evily off of the jewels enlaid in the hilt of his sword.
MaximumOverdrive: ~She opens her eyes hearing the throat clearing and gazes upward, seeing the large male in front of her, in new attire apparently.~ What the...have you been following me?! ~She asks starting to rise to her feet to shorten the height difference between them and to prove she was not afraid of him.~ And if so, why? ~she demands an answer, not used to having someone follow her, especially after the eyes he had cut to her the day before.~
SanosukeOokami: As she starts to rise his hands moves and, as quick as lightning, his blade was at her throat. His clothes were now those of the land, but were different. His coat was a crimson of a soft, warm material. He smirks some, his eyes still holding the same murderous gaze they had before. "I didn't follow you. I tracked you. You are my prey." He grins some, the hint of fangs glinting in the light.
MaximumOverdriveMaximumOverdrive : ~she gasps softly being pressed back against the tree with the blade at her throat, swallowing slightly, but she held her ground to show she was not afraid of him~ And what...kind of prey....Do you know who I am?....Apparently lower that, we can talk....I could use someone like you with that speed....~she stops talking and looks up to him, hoping he would have a clear head and harks her words.~
SanosukeOokami: He watches her, his smirk widening. He presses the blade more to her throat, the tip most likely drawing blood. "Does it look like I care about who or what you are, madam? Or if you could use my martial skill?" He chuckles and with the same speed shown before, replaced the blade and turned away, taking a seat on a nearby rock. "That said, I'll allow you a few moments to try and change my mind. If I am not convinced by the time I rise from this stone, your life is forefit."
MaximumOverdrive: ~She held her breath as he spoke, knowing she had a slight knick upon her neck. She watches him walk over to the rock after the blade was put away. She sits back down and looks at him for a moment.~ I can see that you need somewhere to live...I could use your skill. Perhaps we can come to some arrangement? ~her eyes trail over him, liking the new attire he wore.~ Also marial...skill? ~she asks not sure what is.~
SanosukeOokami: He shakes his head some. "I don't need anywhere to live, the world is my home. Martial skill. My combat abilities. My speed, strength etcetera." He eyes her some, boredom slowly creeping into his eyes. "Time is wearing thin."
MaximumOverdriveMaximumOverdrive : Well what would be a good arrangement to you so that I do not lose my life as I just start to get my home back in order....~she asks softly then thinks a moment~ Considering I am your prey. Perhaps something can be worked around that aspect but bring it in at the same time.?
SanosukeOokami: He quirks a brow, eyeing her some. "Explain."
MaximumOverdrive: ~she looks at him~ A professional arrangement. ~she crosses her arms across her chest, standing up slowly~ I will soon be looking for a mate....Would that interest you?
SanosukeOokami: He stands slowly, raising to his full height, and begins to laugh, his large arms moving to his stomach as he falls onto his back, his deep, thunderous laughter echoing through the forest. He keeps laughing for a few minutes before slowly moving to a sitting position, still holding his stomach with one arm. "You think I planned to rape you?!"
MaximumOverdrive: ~she looks at him and raises a brpw, a blush starting to creep upon her cheeks.~ Well I certainly aren't worth killing right out....but yes...I thought you were going to try to rape me....then of course kill me to silence any accusations against you. ~she regains her regalness looking at him~ Do not laugh at me for assuming such as with your appearance and the way you acted, one would have figured that was your plan.
SanosukeOokami: He growls, leaping to his feet and snatching her by the hair, raising her off the ground so that her face was level with his own. "Speak to me like that again and they will be the last words ever utered in your entire kingdom." His eyes had turned from the red to a crackling swirl of black and red.
MaximumOverdriveMaximumOverdrive : ~she gasps looking up at him, her hands grabbing at his hand as she kicked from being off the ground. She lowers her eyes and stops kicking~ Then what....were your intentions....of tracking me as your prey....~her hands now gripping tightly around his wrist, the crown slipping off of her forehead from the destruction of her hair pins that held it in place.~
SanosukeOokami: He growls and tosses her to the side, spinning to stare at her. "Simply to play cat and mouse, the kill you. Slowly. Painfully. Excruciatingly." He smirks some, shaking his head and watching her. "It seems to me that you might actually enjoy being raped."
MaximumOverdrive: ~she lands hard on the ground with a grunt, looking up at him as she lay half on the ground, half up on her hands. Her eyes start to turn red as she looks at him~ Cat and mouse? I run you follow? Seems fun...~her face turns into a grin as her eyes are fully red, her fangs descending fully, the soft demeanor she had disappearing. She gets to her feet hiding her hands behind her back as claws start to decend downward about three inches.~ What are the rules to this game?
SanosukeOokami: He smirks some, shaking his head. "Only rule is, you lose you die." He watches her, hearing the claws clear the skin. His grin widens, his own fangs elongating, filling his mouth with dagger-like teeth.
MaximumOverdrive: How about you hear my wager before deciding fully on that one rule....~she asks, her voice slightly hoarse~
SanosukeOokami: He nods some. "I'll humor you."
MaximumOverdrive: ~she smiles~ Thank you kindly. First, I become my slave. I lose....I become yours while still holding my crown. If we tie, then you join my kingdom....~she looks at him, her stature slowly starting to increase its mass and height the material stretchin with her but not ripping as it was made to stretch no matter how large she got.~
SanosukeOokami: He quirks a brow some. "Gonna have to sweeten the pot."
MaximumOverdrive: How much more sweet? ~she quirks her brow back at him as she slips off her shoes, feeling the earth start to become one with her, trees and vines starting to speak to her in a language they only understand.~
SanosukeOokami: The large male smirks some, eyeing her a bit. "If I win, not only will you be my slave but I will take you as my mate and you will carry my children."
MaximumOverdrive: I will agree to that as long as my crown stays, and you will also bare it if you win. ~she eyes him to see if he approved of her addendum, treating this as if it were a business meeting, which in a way, it was.~
SanosukeOokami: He chuckles and nods some. "A blood thirsty ruler....just what this lands needs." He grins, rolling his shoulders some, his own form seeming to grow larger, the belt of the sword unfastening and letting the blade fall to the ground.
MaximumOverdrive: Oh good, no weapons, this will definitely be fun. ~her stature is now roughly seven feet, her mass roughly five hundred pounds, perfectly porportions. She snarls slightly at him with a smile as the language between her and the trees and vines grow louder.~ Lets play....~she gestures for him to come to her~
SanosukeOokami: He shakes his head, his body crackling and shifting, flames erupting around his form as he grows taller. He now stood near nine feet tall, with blue flames rolling off of him and licking at the ground and the trees near him. His head raises and he looks into her eyes, winking at her before he seemingly vanished. He was simply moving too fast for most individuals to follow with their eyes.
MaximumOverdrive: ~she stood there listening and slowly raises her hands up, the vines following suit, and thrusts them out to the sides of her body. The vines form a network or netting, and even loops along the ground that would trip the fastest sprinter of her lands as she smiles, waiting to hear the sound of him getting caught as she glances around with her eyes.~ Bend to my will, my loves....~She calls out to the trees and earth, her voice loud and deep~
SanosukeOokami: He took note of what she was doing in what looked to him like slow motion. The flames on his body would turn what wood tried to snag him to ash almost instantly, and before he could leave her a pattern of burned roots he took to the air, hovering at the same speed.
MaximumOverdrive: ~she spots him now flying up into the air hovering, and curls her hands up like digging in the earth, and two large crators start to form as the earth is plucked from its home, and hovers in the air. She throws her hands towards him, the two boulders of earth and clay head towards him with great speed, one towards his head, the other towards his whole body if the first were to miss its target. She kneels to the ground watching the boulders move towards him and brings her hands down to touch the crator, mumbling as as her body starts to heat up, feeling the ground beneath her start to warm up as well.~
SanosukeOokami: He smashes through the boulders with ease, the flames disintegrating the stone and earth. He sends several balls of flame toward her, seven in all, aimed in every direction she could escape in.
MaximumOverdrive: ~she stands up quickly, her hand leaving the earth as her appearance takes on a glow, large glowing orbs appearing in her hands as she fires then, one by one at his balls of flame, sending them to different areas as she moved closer to him, ready for some real one on one, instead of this play.~
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SanosukeOokami: He smirks some, lowering himself to the ground, the heat balls easily dodged as he flash-steps to close the gap, swinging with all his strength and over two hundred miles per hour of speed behind it at her midsection.
MaximumOverdrive: ~she ducks slightly enough with her arms crossed in front of her to take most of the blow as it pushes her way back with a loud grunt~ Fuck! You are strong....I like that....~She grins and stands up, shaking her arms out some and walks back towards him quickly, her right hand low with claws at the ready. Reaching him she swings upward with her hand towards his torso and chest, claws razor sharp and able to claw through most flesh, her left arm and shoulder ready to block a blow if need be.~
SanosukeOokami: He smirks and steps back, shaking his head some. She was all about sheer force, head on attacks. It was good, for fighting most enemies, but not a skilled warrior such as himself. "You've already lost, princess." He smirks some, his flames disipating.
MaximumOverdrive: ~she looks up at him~ Do not call me princess....~Rayne's voice growls out~ I'm already lost, but yet I have no mark to prove such. ~She grins with a snarl as she waits for him to make another move~
SanosukeOokami: He quirks a brow and points to her arm. When she had taken the hit, his flames would have singed her arm. "Really now?"
MaximumOverdrive: ~she looks down at her arm, cursing softly as she didn't feel it when he hit her~ Alright, I got burned, big deal....~Her eyes dimmed in color slightly as she continues to look at him.~
SanosukeOokami: He chuckles and shakes his head. "I could have roasted you if I wanted, princess. You lose. I win."
MaximumOverdrive: ~she growls once more~ Do not call me princess...~she straightens up~ And you messed up my dress! ~she growls once more~
SanosukeOokami: He grins, shaking his head, moving to her and looking into her eyes. With the same speed he had shown before, he backhanded her in the face, growling. "Silence slave!"
MaximumOverdrive: ~she doesn't have time to react as a slap out of no where hits her, and even with Rayne's body mass, knocks her to the ground. She growls looking up at him, but her hand cups her face where he hit her, the red diminishing more in her eyes~
SanosukeOokami: He smirks some, moving to her and bending down, his face level with hers. "Now there's a good little bitch. You're the one who made the terms, Princess. I now own you, in more ways than one and I will call you whatever I deem fit. If I wish to call you a steaming pile of horse shit, you will respond to it. Understood?"
MaximumOverdrive: ~she bites down hard on her lip to keep whatever she really wished to say down as Rayne was the type who didn't care. If she didn't have Lia to worry about she wouldn't have cared whether she lived or died, but that wasn't the case. She looks down and sighs softly as the red finally left her eyes, leaving the blue of Lia's. With a different voice, one that seemed weak, she whispers softly~ Yes....~she finished falling to the ground laying there, now feeling the pain in her arm and the exhausted feeling she had whenever Rayne went postal, hating it as she knew she was in no shape to argue with him.~
SanosukeOokami: He chuckles and smirks some, nodding. "Now, stand."
MaximumOverdrive: ~She looks up at him, her frame nearly back to normal as she raises a hand to him hoping he understood she was too weak to stand on her own.~ Please, help me....
SanosukeOokami: He reaches down and takes her hand, helping her up. She would feel a surge of power racing into her, recharging her.
MaximumOverdrive: ~she stands up glad for the help feeling power surge through her, if she wanted was able to lash out now, but chose not to. Something about him is what made her make the wager.~ Thank you....~she looks at her arm again, picking at the material as it was burned into her fleshand sighs~ Damn you Rayne....
SanosukeOokami: He smirks some. "May want to get her under control, Princess. Either that or just give in to your more....natural desires. If you need to kill you need to kill THere's nothing wrong with it."
MaximumOverdrive: You egged her on.....~she looks down going quiet~ I don't want the villagers know she exists. I have peace and I intend to keep it. I can't go out and just kill. That is why I have alot of meat at the homestead, and blood drained from deer that have been hunted.
SanosukeOokami: He shakes his head. "That doesn't do anything to quell her though, does it? Animal blood and dead meat. She needs fresh kills."
MaximumOverdrive: I know....I let her out to hunt sometimes, animals of course. Never any humans. ~she whinces trying to peel the material off of her wound~
SanosukeOokami: He reaches out and moves his hand over the wound, warmth filling her as it healed her almost instantly. "She needs human blood."
MaximumOverdrive: ~she looks up at him as she feels her flesh heal~ Thank you....I know, but I can't....~she turns and looks towards her home~ I won't have my peace destroyed.
SanosukeOokami: "So then hunt elsewhere. Hunt your enemies." He turns away, looking out at the forest. "That's an order."
MaximumOverdrive: Fine I will allow her to once a month, no more. ~She turns and looks back at him~ So I'm your slave now....what happens?
SanosukeOokami: He smirks some, looking over his shoulder. "Not just my slave."
MaximumOverdrive: ~She walks to him and cocks her head to the side~ That's right, future mother of your children.
SanosukeOokami: He nods. "And my mate. And I'm bound to be the future king."
MaximumOverdrive: ~she chuckles softly~ You won the match, you won the wager, now my heart you have ti win. ~she bows to him with a smirk~
MaximumOverdrive: *to
SanosukeOokami: He smirks some. "I'm already half way there." He looks ove rhis shoulder at her. "I can tell by the way you were looking at me."
MaximumOverdrive: ~she laughs softly~ You are good looking....that will cause any normal woman to swoon slightly. ~she is now standing beside him~ When do you wish to move in?
SanosukeOokami: He quirks a brow some. ""
MaximumOverdrive: Well, if you are to be the future King and all don't you think it be wise to move in, and learn the staff and all? ~she raises a brow~ Plus, where else are going to...consumate our arrangement. ~she looks down going quiet.~
SanosukeOokami: He smirks some, motioning to the forest. "Anywhere and everywhere."
MaximumOverdrive: I will not be taken in front of people. I want that understood.
SanosukeOokami: He chuckles and smirks some, eyeing her. "Oh really now, why is that? If I remember right in these lands, there must be witnesses to the bedding."
MaximumOverdrive: For virgins....~she bites her lip~
SanosukeOokami: He smirks some. "Oh and you arent?"
MaximumOverdriveMaximumOverdrive : I wouldn't have made the wager if I was....~she looks away~
SanosukeOokamiSanosukeOokami : "Why's that?" He eyes her some, retrieving a cigarette, something he found in asia, from within his new coat, placing it between his lips and letting his flames light it.
MaximumOverdriveMaximumOverdrive : What virgin wishes to become a slave?
SanosukeOokami: "One who wants to live?" He chuckles.
MaximumOverdrive: ~she shakes her head with a laugh~ Well you better start to wooing.
SanosukeOokami: He turns to her, taking her hand in his. "Let me start by making this vow. From this day forward, no one will ever seriously harm you again. Only I can lay a hand on you in that way, and it will only be when I am treating you as my slave."
MaximumOverdrive: ~she feels him take her hand and she swallows softly, having to nearly bend her neck fully backwards to look at him, listening to his words.~ I like those words...
SanosukeOokami: He nods, leaning in and taking her lips in a loving and passionate kiss.
MaximumOverdrive: ~she squeaks softly feeling his lips upon hers, wanting to push back but doesn't, a blush rolling across her cheeks as she was not anticipating it.~ That...that was..unexpected..~she says with a nervous chuckle~


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