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Girl talk!!!!!!

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InfinityImplosion: Niarn had been in the main hall for most of the evening refusing to see to the guards demands that she go back to her room. She hadn't attacked any of them, and after the way she had essentially dragged five men without even seeming to be hindered by it, the guards weren't exactly going to start anything with her. Plus, while she was in the main hall, they had eyes on her at all times and the queen wasn't being disturbed, so it wasn't terribly inappopriate. As she sat down in one of the seats waiting to hear when Lia would wake up or arrive, her silver gaze slipped over towards one of the maids. "Mead girl, and hurry." She said, the maid immediately moving to go get her the mead.
MaximumOverdrive: ~Lia sat up in her bed, wondering if everything was a dream. She throws the covers aside and steps to the entrance of her bedroom, sliding the curtain to the side and listens. Yes she heard more guards, then silence. She chuckles thinking it must have been Niarn causing the ruckus with the guards. She steps out of her room and walks down the hall towards the main hall, nodding to the maids as she went. Reaching the main hall, she quietly makes her way behind Niarn and covers her eyes~ BOO!
InfinityImplosion: The maid came to get her mead and immediately brought it before Niarn, who nodded to the girl. "Thank you." She said with a warm smile as she then took a sip from her mead. A short while later she suddenly felt cold hands coming to cover her eyes, and she gave a bit of a slight grin before hearing the woman scream "boo" to her. Immediately taking the girl's hands in her own and taking them off of her eyes, turning around to give her a hug. "Really now? All this ponce and properness and you're still the same child you were when I left you." She said, before lifting a hand to slightly ruffle through the woman's hair. "So little Lia's all grown up, and a queen? Seriously? Why didn't you tell me you were royalty? So what was with being in the orphanage, didn't want to be queen at first?"
MaximumOverdrive: ~She giggles at her, hugging her back tightly~ I...didn't know I was a queen until the day the released me from the orphange...~She says softly, putting her hair back in place, snatching the mead taking a sip~ I'm not a child but yes I still have the same personality.
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InfinityImplosion: She gave a slight nod upon hearing what it is that she said. "Good, you deserved better than what those morons at the orphanage gave you." She said with a rather firm tone before looking about the place some more. "Although to be seems a little....much for you, and what's with your guards getting all riled up and tense? They treat you like some delicate flower, it's kinda funny."
MaximumOverdrive: ~She grins and sits on the floor in front of her spreading her dress to cover her legs~ Oh they love me is all. They are frightened of Rayne however....They know she is a handful riled up. ~She chuckles softly handing back the mead~ I have spent many a year building things back up in my family's homestead. Thanfully Marius came, and he is really helping me get things put back in order. ~she glances over her~ You sure have changed some.
InfinityImplosion: She gave a bit of a slight shrug towards the woman who sat on the floor now. "Went up to Asgard, learned this nifty little thing called alchemy.......and got sent down here for a thousand years cause Odin thought I was doing human experimentation." She said rolling her eyes somewhat at that. "That man really needs to cool his head sometimes, and I'm sure Loki had something to do with it. He was giggling like a mad men through the whole speach....odds are I'll be back in less than fifty years, once Odin realizes all I was doing was making human bodies for the souls of those that pass on, but wind up with no physical form so they end up in a sort of limbo."
MaximumOverdrive: ~she nods listening, not understanding a single thing she was talking about, but allowing her to talk, smiling softly~ Well I do hope I spend many more years with you. I have missed my friend greatly. ~She looks around and speaks softly~ I had an interesting day today.
InfinityImplosion: The Asgardian woman gave a soft nod to her. "As I said, something like fifty I'll be here for so I'm certain we'll have plenty of time." She added giving a warm smile before looking at her rather curiously. "What happened?"
MaximumOverdrive: Well I went with the staff to the village to get supplies, and well I sent them back ahead, and went to the tavern. Some large brute came in....Black eyes...and muscles, oh good lord......has the wierdest garment though. Nothing I have ever seen before, but his weapon, was from around here....and well...~she blushed deeply~ He looked at I was a meal. ~she chuckles softly~ Course that was after telling one of the maidens he wouldn't fuck her fillthy snatch. ~she shakes her head~ I am glad I wasn't drinking at that moment.
InfinityImplosion: She listened silently to the woman tell her of a man whom she seemed quite smitten with. However she herself couldn't understand why she felt that way, knowing if a man looked at her like that she wouldn't be gushing with giddiness, she'd either take him back to a room and fuck him or kill him on the spot if she liked what she saw. "Men like that are easily broken. Just give them a taste and walk away, and he'll come crawling back for more, probably thinking that he owns you and can do what he wants.....but only if you think you're strong enough to handle him. I don't want to see you hurt dear."
MaximumOverdrive: Oh please....Gonna take more than good looks to woo me...~she says with a laugh~ Besides, if he wanna get with this, then he gotta work here. ~she says with a giggle~ I'm not as soft as I look you know. I can handle mysel. ~grins, remembering her last spar.~
InfinityImplosion: She gave a slight nod upon hearing her. "Good, and I figured as much. Why I'm surprised the guards here treat you like some dainty flower." She said while giving a bit of a soft laugh. "If he ever hurts you though, I'll turn his bones into dust."
MaximumOverdrive: After Rayne gets through with him. ~She laughs loudly~ Though...something about him...there was something else about him....almost like he was glad to be home maybe. He might have been from here, I don't know. ~she looks at the floor~ Since when does a queen sit on the floor...~She giggles~ I'm so glad to have you back.
InfinityImplosion: She gave a light smile towards Lia as she simply shook her head. "Only you Lia, only you." After she spoke she gave a bit of a slight yawn. "Am glad to be back, but I'm tired. That whole inter-dimensional gateway thing is tiring I think. Since I don't have a home here yet is it alright if I stay in the guest room?"
MaximumOverdrive: If you want, that can be your permanent residence while you are here. The guards will know to let you wander as free as you like. ~She smiles~ That way you won't drag them all over the place. ~She chuckles softly~ That was some sight you know.
InfinityImplosion: She gave a bit of a slight chuckle to that herself while nodding. "Yeah, I know how to make a lasting impression. In anycase Lia I will certainly see you around, and hopefully that hunk of a man you spoke of too." She said to her with a light grin before stepping up from her seat and then heading back down the hall to her room.


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