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New guy in town

Post by angelanc28526 on Tue May 26, 2015 9:03 pm

MaximumOverdrive: --------------IC--------------
MaximumOverdrive: ~Lia has found her way easily to a tavern in the village, people she passes bowing to her. Everyone in the village knows what she is, but respects her as she does them. She has some maids in the village gathering supplies that Marius said they should have, loading them into the wagon. Off they went to the homestead to go put the supplies away. Meanwhile Lia has made her way through the crowd and took a seat at the bar, waiting for the keep to come to her. Eventually he makes his way to her.~ {keep} Good evening M'lady, what shall I get you to drink? ~he knows who she is as well knowing only the best drink for her. She smiles and slides a silver coin onto the bar.~ Mead, in a goblet please. ~she smiles hearing the hustling and bustling of the tavern girls taking orders and serving them, the men talking about their tales of war and fuckary, and even some talking about her kingdom. Some had concerns, which she listened to without appearing obvious. She would speak with Marius about them later. Her drink arrives and the keep takes the coin knowing it was enough for about three or four more goblets. She nods with a thanks and moves the drink to her lips, slowly sipping on it with a sigh as it slides easily down her throat, easing the tension from her body.~
SanosukeOokami: The large male, known to none in this land, moved quickly and quietly through the streets of the village. He had made port several days prior and had been roaming the wilderness for those days, relearning the flora and fauna of this land he had once belonged to. His dark, brooding eyes scanned the faces of those around him, marking targets for later fun should the need arise for him to slake his violent tendancies. Slowly but surely the man made his way to the tavern. His long black leathers with an oriental dragon design stood out in the room of the more earth-toned cloth and fabric of this land, but the blade that was slung at his side was obviously from this part of the world, a large blade, easily a two-handed weapon to smaller men, thudded gently on his right hip. His large frame moved to a table and lowered into the seat. A serving maid ran quickly to him to take his order. [Wench] "Anything I can get fer ya' sir?" The lame eyed her coldly, sneering at the buxom lass. He saw the lust in her eyes and the way she pressed her breasts out more to him. He let out a loud, deep, thundering laugh at her failed surruptitious attempt at an advance. "Definately not that unwashed snatch of yours, but I will take what ever swill passes for good Mead here." With that he tossed her three silvers, each one landing in her bodice, right between her tits. The Wench stood there, mouth agape before turning smartly on her heel and walking away. Another serving girl came to him with his drink, this one with down-cast eyes. She was pretty, in a way, and he liked her quiet nature. This would be his quarry this night. He would know the sound of her screams, the taste of her flesh....and the scent of her blood. But wait, what was this scent that wafted to his nostrils? There, the woman at the bar. What was she? His eyes, those dark, murderous red occules, came to rest on the female sitting at the bar. Perhaps this, this delectable strumpet, would be his quarry this eve.
MaximumOverdrive: ~As she drinks, she hears the steps of someone that seemed larger than the ones of those present. She hears the conversation between him and a wench and chuckles. Continuing to sip on her mead she lets the sounds of the room fill her ears, able to differentiate between each person. She could also smell all the scents in the room, but the new one was strange to her, one she wasn't accustomed too. She turns in her seat and looks around the room, appearing to just be gazing the crowd with in reality, she was wanting to catch a glimpse of the deep voiced male. Her eyes spot him, wearing all bacl, clothing not from around here, but yet his sword was. She snorted slightly wondering where he had come from to be dressed in such garments. She lets her eyes roam around more until coming back to him, noticing his eyes upon her. She nods to him and taps the adornment on her forehead, a symbol of her royalty and smiles, then turns back around to drink her mead.~
SanosukeOokami: Finery and nobilty meant nothing to him, in fact it was quite the opposite. Hunting a royal piqued his intrest. He had killed several nobles while studying under his master, and had even killed teh heir to the empire, which is why he had fled his beloved asia. When her eyes fell upon his, he smirked, fangs flashing and glinting in the flickering light. He finished his mead quickly and stood, moving silently to the counter and taking a seat closer to the woman. His eyes were still filled with murder and cold, but there was a strange curiosity in them as well. He rapped smartly on the bar with his knuckles, the entire thing shaking hard, even with how softly he tapped. "Wench, serve me here." Again was the clap of thunder that the man called a voice. His scent was that of the wilderness but there was another scent there, a scent of brimstone and fire.
MaximumOverdrive: ~she listens to the man get up and make his way close to where she was, but doesn't turn her head towards him. She set her goblet down and the keep came and quickly refilled it. She picked it up in time before the shaking rapping of his fingers on the counter caused several things to fall over or roll off the counter. She hears him address the wench and smiles, taking another sip slowly before deciding to speak, her soft irish tone sticking out.~ Eye'n me were ya?


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