BloodRayne Kingdom RP 5/25/15

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BloodRayne Kingdom RP 5/25/15

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MariusWolfsbane: Marius would be sitting upon his throne as he usually did in the evenings. His lap would be riddled with document after document concerning the kingdom and its well-being. He was in need of an audience with Queen Lia, whom he considered his prime confidant. It was time they'd gone over what resources the kingdom had at it's disposal, and what it yet needed. A prosperous kimgdom is one that stands the test of time. Marius knew that resources would be the key to this happening. He would shot out for Lia. "Lia! Are you within the manor? I need to speak with you regarding the kingdom!"
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MaximumOverdrive: ~once again, Lia and Rayne were having a discussion, luckily they were in the bedroom away from eyesight.~ [Rayne] Planning on ruling alone are we? Don't give a damn what I think huh? ~Rayne is talking about the fact she has a slight crush on someone and Lia rolls her eyes.~ [Lia] No I don't want to rule alone. I'm tired of the heartbreak so I'm taking a break for the time being. If you can't understand that, then I don't give a fuck. Understand me now?! ~Rarely does Lia use language like that but she is getting frustrated with Rayne. Her ears twitch slightly as she hears Marius calling for her. She sighs then chuckles as all he had to do was get a maid to come get her. She will have to tell him that when she sees him. She rises from the lounging area as Rayne goes silent, not sure what to respond as Lia has never spoke to her that way before. She brushes off her dress, smoothing out the blue material as she heads towards the throne area, her heels clicking softly against the wood grain. She glances up spotting Marius as she enters the throne area, climbing the three steps with ease~ You wished to speak to me Marius? ~She heads over to him and sits beside him, gracefully sliding her left leg over her right knee, smoothing her skirt and sets her hands in her lap, sitting up straight.~
MariusWolfsbane: *He would eye lia as she entered, and he would admire her beauty as he always had. "Ahh, yes. Lia, thank you for answering my call so swiftly. I can always count on you." He would then smile to her before lifting a few of the documents from his lap to within Lia's visual range. He'd be using them as visual aids. "Lia, I wished to discuss with you about the kingdom's resources. What we have, and what we yet need. People and supplies included. Would you be kind enough to indulge me?" He would sit up straight in his seat now, awaiting her response.
MaximumOverdrive: ~she would smile at him softly~ Yes, we may discuss the resources. Also, next time, don't yell. Just ask a maid for me. ~She grins~ They are more than happy to serve. Anyways ~she eyes the documents~ what is first on the agenda? ~she asks softly as she leans over closer to get a better view of the documents, Rayne snickering in her head as she is happy to get closer to him. Lia closes her eyes for a moment mentally saying something to Rayne, then opens them, awaiting his response~
MariusWolfsbane: He would nod in understanding. "Of course, Lia. I'll be sure to do that next time. The girls have been working diligently, and even maids deserve a break once in a while." He would look to his paperwork before arranging things in the proper order. He would draw his gaze back to Lia, smiling to her. "The first order of business is what roles you wish to fill within the kingdom. We already have a ruling body and an advisor to make up the decision makers of the kingdom. The question that now needs to be asked is if you're wanting more advisors to aid you, and if so, how many more? Also, there's the matter of the kingdom's defense. We're currently without a royal guard. So we'll need some, to your specifications of course."
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MaximumOverdrive: ~She listens and nods, her mind quickly taking in a count of what she has.~ I have a few maids, orc guards, I would like at least five advisors, alot of guards. I do have a personal guard so no need in searching that. Do you know the ranks and such for guards? That is something that I never really understood. ~She says with a soft smile, showing she was having to learn this, mainly due to her parents were killed and no one explained things to her. She tried to rule as she saw would work, but is glad that he is there to help her as she lowered her eyes slightly~
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MariusWolfsbane: He would nod yet again, milling over the queen's words. "Of course, Lia. I'm aware of the ranks guardsmen should have. I'll get on making you a list right away. As for your advisor count. Five may be a bit much, wouldn't you say? With you and your fellow queen, there'd be seven of us butting heads on decisions to be made. I'd suggest having two or three. If there's one thing I've learned its that too many fingers in a pie destroys the pie."
MaximumOverdrive: Well...~she thinks a moment and winces as Rayne hits her with a hard sharp pain~ Rayne would you fucking stop already?! ~she rubs her head~ Apparently she agrees with you. Fine, three it is. I suggest to always keep it an odd number. ~she continues rubbing her head with a heavy sigh~
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MariusWolfsbane: Marius would chuckle at Rayne's impulsiveness. "It's good to see that I have at least one ally in here. You're making the right decision, Lia." He'd smile warmly toward the queen, nodding in agreement to her last point. "A wise choice yet again. Having an odd number would leave for any ties to be broken." He would look down to his papers, then again to Lia. "As to the amount of guards, how many would you care to have?"
MaximumOverdrive: ~her eyes match his~ As many as possible. One can never have too many. ~She smiles softly and nudges him~ That is why I have you silly. You advise, I think, then answer. We also need an ambassador. ~she brushes a stray hair back into place as she picks up a parchment and looks it over with a frown~ We need more food rations and supplies as well it seems.
Dollip0p: **The moon overhead beamed in a glorious hue of blues and whites that sent it's rays echoing off Calliope's paled flesh. A soft smile rested itself upon her crimson lips breifly as she took in her own beauty as the paled light seeming set her skin a glow. She calmly made her way through the forest content with new surround as she pressed her fingertips upon the bark of the rees that she passed. The adventorous life of a traveling seer sent her into a new horizon that her past would never conjure. The life of a lone gypsy... She chuckled to herself at the meer thought of such a title for a noble being such as herself. Her movement was majestic and regal and with each step her hips swayed in poetry and seduction that no mortal could reject. Rejection was not comon for her daily life, considering her sister succubi. She neared a castle that stood towering in the beckoning moonlight as her heart begsn to bat with an undying curiosity. Her pace had quickened tto ensure tht she would feed desire to belong. HEr onyx locks were swept over her bare shoulder once she neared the fortresses doors. She pressed her palms to it's surface and pushed her way in as her slitted eyes peered within. HEr voice was laced in wisdom and a suprising innocence as she called out to those wthin, "Allo? I don't mean to impose, but I was wondering if I cuold seek shelter for the evening?"*
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MariusWolfsbane: He would chuckle. "True enough, but I can't be having all the fun now, can I?" He'd wink playfully to her before adjusting himself once again. The time for fun would be later. Business must take priority. "I would say that five guards shall suffice for now. We'd have a Captain of the guard and four underlings that he or she would command. It would be a fine starting point. Once the guards have settled themselves into their positions we can then take on more to then be trained by the old guard." He would nod in agreement with the queen's assessment regarding their supplies. "Yes, you're right. We will need more supplies. Luckily for us, our coffers are full. We have plenty of gold to be spent at the local village market." His eyes would then drift to the woman before them. "Good evening, miss. Would you care to introduce yourself? We weren't expecting any visitors this evening."
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MaximumOverdrive: ~A maid meets the girl and speaks to her and smiles, gesturing her to a bedroom for the time being and smiles~ Mistress is busy dealing with other matters at the moment. Please wait in here and she will be with you shortly. Rest and food will be brought to you as well as a bath built up. ~She bows as she walks to the cluster of maids and begins talking to them and orders them around. Lia meanwhile is listening to Marius and chuckles at him.~ I would agree with you. Send some of the maids down to the market, after making a list of course, to pick up the goods. ~She glances up as a maid gestures off the girl for the time being as she gestures to another maid, points at her clothes, then to the girl, raising a brow as the maid bows running to get her some clean clothes for the girl.~
Dollip0p: *She bowed he head wih a noble humility that a woman of her stature would express. She lifted ehr hem of her dress from the floor and followed the girl to a room.*
MariusWolfsbane: Marius would look off to the girl being ushered away, then back to Lia. "Should we attend to our guest, Lia? We know what needs to be done now regarding the affairs of the kingdom thus far. We should be fine for the time being."
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MaximumOverdrive: ~She looks at him~ Let her be taken care of first. She looked exhausted and starved. ~At that moment a maid brought in a tray of food (make it up) with some ale. Another maid started fixing the bath bringing in buckets of water to fill the tub, then finally the last maid brought in a change of clothes for her. They all bow and leave her to tend to her needs as they return to their other duties. Rayne suddenly busts out, eyes changing to red as she smiles~ Lia is SOOOOO tender hearted she sometimes forgets her place. But I agree with her. The girl needs rest. ~she smiles more at him, then looks at the papers and frowns as well reading the numbers~ Stupid bitch, letting shit like this get this low.
MariusWolfsbane: Marius would wave off the comment.
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MariusWolfsbane: "It's good to see you too, Rayne. Don't worry about the supplies. We'll have them remedied in no time at all. It was partially my fault for letting things get so low as well. I've had my head too far into this paper here to notice the issues right in front of my face. I'll just have to focus a bit more."
Dollip0p: *inside her room she was presented with a bowl of waer that steamed in the cool air within the castle. As the maids left her to undress and to wash her eyes ran over the stone walls within her room. She unhinged each hook of her garments slowly still being cautious of a new area and new surroundings. Her skin bared the markings of a slave from her past journeys. She ran her finger tips over the thickened scars and remembers who she once was. Her brow tightened with the distinguished memory of such a horrid past. A soft sigh escaped her lips as her chest feel with a disappointment in her vivid memory, "If onl one could forget as easily." Her bare skinned being walked towards the water and stoof gazing back at her own reflection of her stoic face. Beauty, wisdom, courage, and innocence might be words that other would describe her image with. However, Calliope favored fearful, knowdlegeable, rejected and scroned more on her own behalf. The water was refreshing to her flesh as she began to wash off the dirt of the forest. She made her way back to bed where her new garments lay before her and she sat only to be alone with her own thoughts.**
InfinityImplosion: Approaching the entrance to the castle she would have been stopped by one of the guards, immediately asking for her to halt and state her reason for visiting if she were going to go through the castle doors. The woman merely rolled her eyes at the guard's antics as she pushed right past him, and the man would move to restrain her but only found himself hanging onto her arm. That is how the woman would enter into throne room as the doors flung open to allow her entry as she called out. "Lia!" Her voice was soft in nature but somewhat deep, with a slightly sharp edge to enhance it's quality and give it a more feminine sound. The woman who came into the throne room with four guards men hanging off of her arm stood at around 5'6" with stark, snow white hair that came tumbling down across her back. Her steel blue eyes gazed in a determined manner towards the woman whom she had called friend so long ago during one of the more dangerous battles she'd had to face, noting now that she was sitting upon a throne. She wore what apepared to be a tight and somewhat armored chest peice that protected the plush, generous mounds upon her flesh but kept her stomach and arms bare, complimented with shoulder guards. Below this she wore a sort of half-chain skirt that crinkled lightly around her armored legs while her arms were covered in gauntlets that carried alchemical symbols upon them. As she approached the throne room, the men dragging behind her shouted almost all at once. "Away at once, we will not have you disrupt the proceedings of our queen!" The woman simply looked down towards the men with a roll of her eyes. "Or quiet ya whelp, before I turn ye bones ta dust." She spoke with a specifically nordic, gaelic accent while then turning her gaze over to Lia. "Dear, we need to talk about your security. They're absolutely shoddy and couldn't stop a Narwhal from entering into here, let alone what many of them call a goddess."
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DragoonSoul: Sara awoke in her room, a soft breeze flowing through the window. Her thin curtains did nothing to stop the breeze, only to show it was there. Her black hair layed down her shoulders, and over her face. She gave a light yawn once she leaned up in her bed. A small silver collar around her neck as her hands moved to brush her hair over her shoulders. The collar had two rings near the middle, there was a small silver plate with letters etched into it. Sara got out of her bed slowly, her top barely covering anything, but she didn't mind. Her stomach bulging a little once she sat up fully. Her left hand moved to rub her stomach slowly with a small smile as she looked down to her hand. Her nails freshly done with a black polish, her bottoms covered her legs fully. She didn't have any dresses at the time, so she wore something she knew could work for her. Her white silks draped down in a sky blue finish on the bottom of her silks. She got up, made her bed to a perfect finish like she was accustomed to. She slowly moved her hands to tie her hair into a pony tail. Her black hair hanging behind her head now as she walked from her room, a soft pit pat sound heard from her bare feet. She slowly walked to the throne room leaning in just enough to see who was all in the empire at this time. She remained quiet as she looked around.-
MaximumOverdrive: ~Several things happening at one time and Rayne starts to get etchy. her eyes move from side to side noting her friend enter with the guards on her arms, the thoughts of how bad the kingdom was, the new girl that she had to talk to, and then notices Sara peaking in. She looks at Marius and swallows~ I need a moment. Please entertain for a second. ~She looks at her friend and Sara as she gets up and quickly moves towards her bedroom, her heart feeling like it is going a million miles an hour as Lia laughs in her head at her~
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MariusWolfsbane: Marius would be quick to nod. "Of course, Rayne. Try your best to compose yourself. I'll handle things." First, Marius would look to the woman with the string of guards attached to her. He would chuckle at the futility of the mens' pleas. "Stand down men, she is a friend of the kingdom and she will not come to harm. Return to your" His tone would be stern and the men would soon follow his orders. They'd stand and would release the woman before returning to their posts. He'd address her. "The queen is taking a moment. Is there anything I can do for you in the meantime? My name is Marius, and I'm an advisor to the queen."
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Dollip0p: **Calliope dressed herself and plopped herself upon the feathered mattress in her room. She sunk into th pillows and blankets upon the bed and smiled once again after her scars had been covered. She bagn to sing a soft chant just loud enogh for her own ears to hear. She rolled onto her back and lifted er hands into the air in a circular motion. Suddenly, a stream of light as if an orb or spirit appeared danced between her slender fingers. She giggled to herself and began to sing the chant a little louder to appease the being she must have summoned. Calliope was content. **
InfinityImplosion: The woman gave a bit of a worried look as she saw Lia took off and heard the man call her by another name. She was slightly confused by this till she remembered Lia talking about some kind of monster in her once, but never said what exactly it is that the monster was. Strange, if Rayne is the monster, she didn't look all that different. Taking note of the men who dislodged from her arm she gave a bit of a slight laugh towards them while then turning her attention to the male. She seemed rather surprised to hear him say he was an advisor to the queen, and she gave a bit of a tilt of her head to that. "Advisor, queen? Lia never mentioned she was royalty to me." She said with a bit of a slight shrug. "Ah well, doesn't change anything. I just need a place to stay for the night while I find my feet on this earth. Odin's grounded me for "human experimentation" for about a thousand years or so. More like fifty, the man's always had a hot temper but he'll cool off when he realizes they weren't actual humans or sentient beings, but golems made to simply look as such." She said with a bit of a slight huff while crossing her arms.
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DragoonSoul: Sara jumped a bit seeing Lia walking towards her quickly. She wasn't sure what was going on. She than ran in the opposite direction letting her feet clap against the wooden floor unsure of what she did wrong already when she just woke up.-
MaximumOverdrive: ~she enters her room and starts mumbling softly to Lia to stop laughing at her.~ [Rayne] Lia, stop laughing....You know I'm not used to....all that....stop laughing! ~she yells out and Lia quits laughing. She leans against the wall catching her breath.~ [Rayne] How do you deal with so much at one time? [Lia] if you would stop messing with me and actually watched once in a while you would know, dumbass, now I'm coming back out, and YOU can watch. ~Rayne heaves a sigh and allows Lia to come back out. Lia straightens her dress as walks back out, a pleasant smile on her face. She stops to a maid and speaks with her, informing her to get the girl who was visiting. She then continues on glancing at her friend, maintaining her excitement to keep from pouncing her into snuggles. She turns her direction towards Sara and smiles at her, loving the attire she had on. She slowly strokes her cheek and whispers softly in her ear~ Very pleasing to my eyes dear. Should wear more often. ~She turns to look at Marius and walks back up to her seat, gesturing for Sara to join her. She speaks softly~ What have I missed Marius?
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MariusWolfsbane: Marius would listen to the woman's tale intently, then raising a brow at the mention of human experimentation. He was half human himself. But he would soon wave off the notion of unease he felt after hearing the part regarding golems. He would garner the woman no response after realizing one of the manor maids approaching the woman to attend to her. He would then turn his gaze to queen, realizing Lia had returned to the forefront. "You haven't missed much, Lia. Your friend here single-handedly reduced our guards to looking like a bunch of infants with pikes. Other than that, it's good to have you back. Is Rayne doing better? She didn't seem well for a moment there."
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InfinityImplosion: Her gaze slid over towards a maid who seemed to suggest she go get settled in. With a swift nod she gave a light smile to the woman. "Aye, being tossed down from Asgard isn't exactly a....relaxing experience." She said with a soft laugh before looking to take note of Lia returning. "Evening Lia, sorry to pop in and leave so suddenly but I've had a rough now. We'll catch up later, you be sure of that." She said to her with a little wink as she followed the main to a guest room.
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MariusWolfsbane > Dollip0p: I was going to send a made to have you brought before us. It wouldn't make any logical sense to have a stranger hanging out in one of our rooms for no reason. You should at least be able to introduce yourself.
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DragoonSoul: -Sara followed behind. Her cheeks were flushed a little from what was whispered into her ear. She followed behind her, her feet patted lightly on the wood once more as she kept her head lowered. Her hair stayed still as she walked at a steady pace keeping both of her hands in front of her. She slowly moved to kneel on the pillow that was next to the throne. She gave a light yawn as she looked around slowly.-
MaximumOverdrive: ~she watched the maid take her friend to a bedroom to rest and Sara take her place in front of her and softly runs her hand through her har. She speaks to a maid~ Please go get the girl who was here first as I would like to speak with her. ~She turns back to Marius as the maid nods and runs off to do so, hearing what Marius said about the guards and chuckles~ Aye she has the strength of several men. Perhaps we put the orcs at the door and the guards in here? I think that would be better.
MariusWolfsbane: "Yes, I would have to agree with you completely. I'll be sure to have the men begin a training regimen immediately. We can't have another display like that happen again. We may be small, but we can't be seen as weak."
Dollip0p: *She exited her rom being escouted by the maid that was sent for her. Her eyes grazed over the throne room seeing each being seated in their proper places. She smiled softly to them and swept her hair to one side.
DragoonSoul: -Sara remained in her own world. Her left hand moved to rub her stomach slightly. She wasn't hungry, she was a little full. She blushed lightly turning her head to look over to Lia as her cheeks flushed lightly still.-
MaximumOverdrive: ~She nods with Marius's words as her eyes gaze on the girl coming with the maid. She smiles softly and gestures to a seat.~ Please join us. I'm so sorry we kept you waiting. I do hope everything was to your liking as you waited? ~She speaks kindly but also with the words that if it wasn't she would have a talk with her staff. She glances back down at Sara, still stroking her hair letting her nails graze against her neck softly as she grinned inwardly as the girl seemed to be in her own world.~
MariusWolfsbane: *Marius would eye the woman approaching her seat, her hips swaying as she walked. He couldn't help but admire her poise and beauty as she carried herself. He would await for her to be seated and garnish a response before making one of his own.
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Dollip0p: *She grinned softly caressing the skin on her palms, "Yes, Miss." She stood resting her palm on her hip examining the girl upon the pillow. She curled the corner of her mouth remembering her past once more at the sight of her. Quietly she sat upon the seats before them as her eyes glanced up towards the man's. She questioned his motive and thought for a breif moment before sitting delicately upon the chair. She straightened her shoulders before introducing herself, "My name is Calliope. It am most honroed to meet your aquaitane, Miss."
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DragoonSoul: -Sara lowered her head once more as she went back off and started to drum her fingers onto her stomach slowly. She kept the light smile while she looked at her hand.-
MaximumOverdrive: ~She leans forward slightly, then whispered in Sara's ear.~ How are the babies? ~She asks softly, glancing up at the girl hearing her name~ Pleasure to meet you Miss Calliope. How may we help you today? ~she stays near Sara to hear her response, handing back the piece of paper she still had in her hand to Marius to place with the others to be put away out of sight for the moment.~
MariusWolfsbane: Marius would take up the piece of paper before placing it away for the time being. "Yes, it's a pleasure to meet you Lady Calliope. If you need any additional food,care, or lodging, you may stay as long as you like."
Dollip0p: *She grinned at their hospitality and shifted her eyes twowards the floor lost in thought. Why was she here? A question she could not even answer for herself. She lift her glance back to those who had addressed her and respponded, " I seek purpose...?" She scoffed at herself and brought her hand to the back of her neck and began to rub it awkwardly, " I am a woman of many gifts and I feel as if they are being squandered by my free time." The nervouness of her aura radiated so as she leaned back in her seat wondering what tye of response she would receive.*
DragoonSoul: -Sara lifted her head once more as she spoke softly, just loud enough for Lia to hear her. "Fantastic... growing quicky." She blushed a little more as she started to hum lightly to herself. Her head swayed while her fingers drummed on her stomach once more.-
MaximumOverdrive: ~she smiles and whispers softly~ Please be a wonderful dear and get me some mead. While you are in there, grab yourself a piece of stick candy as you deserve it. ~she leans back up and smiles at the girl~ Purpose you say? Why you must have some wonderful gifts if you feel you are ignoring them. What are they if I may ask? ~she asks excitedly~
MariusWolfsbane: Marius would simply sit, looking over the woman. He too would await the woman's response excitedly.
Dollip0p: *She smirked to herself in response to the lady's response inquiring about her gifts. She began to trace the lines in her own palm with the tip on he finger in n attempt to avoid eye contact, "I am a seer, Miss." She clasped both of he hands together and shifted her eyes back towards the man and woman, " Decifiering truths, beings, spirits, fortunes..." She calmly rested her palms upon he am rests of the chair awaiting their response.**
DragoonSoul: -She slowly got up and walked to the kitchen. Her feet patted lightly among the wood once more. She looked around for the mead Lia requested. She was to busy off in her own world to see if anyone else wanted anything. She continued to hum with a little spring in each step while she approached the kitchen. She vanished into the kitchen just to let the sound of cabinets be heard as well as the clanking of objects together. She wasn't silent when trying to get certain things, especially things she wasn't sure of where they were.-
MaximumOverdrive: ~she smiles listening to Calliope and hears the clanging of Sara as she did as was asked.~ Those are wonderful gifts dear. Do you have a home of any sort? We are looking for people with your gifts. ~she looks at Marius as he knew more about what was fully needed.~
MariusWolfsbane: Marius would nod in agreement. "Yes, I would have to second the queen's response. If you're in need of a home, you're mre than welcome to stay with us and put your talents to use. A ser can be a very valuable ally." He'd then look to Lia. "In fact, she could even be a fine advisor. Decifering truths and the like would be a fine way to forge proper alliances. She could even serve as a possible Ambassador."
Dollip0p: *She smiled warmly to them both as her slitted eye twinkled with acceptance, "Currently, I have no home. I have been roamig near by villages preforming tricks for little pay." She pressed her finger to her temple and laughed at her own antics, "You wouldn't believe how much one would pay just to seak to a decreased grandmother or grandfather," She looked up and strightened her grin , "but I felt like that was dirty money." She leaned back in her chair once more and broadened her chest letting her finger trace her delicate jaw line, "Might I inquire who and what the both of you are?" She smirked coyly.**
DragoonSoul: -Sara crawled from the kitchen. A silver tray on her back as she crawled to Lia. She kept humming while her hair split at the middle of her neck going towards the floor. She stopped in front of Lia with the mead on her back, a small silver tray under it as she held the stick candy in her mouth sucking on it lightly as she hummed.-
MaximumOverdrive: ~she bends down grabbing the tray and lifts it up into her lap, careful not to spill the mead. she speaks softly~ Thank you sara. Good job. Enjoy your candy. ~she turns her attention to Marius and nods with his words, knowing them to be true. Her eyes turn back to the girl and smiles~ I am half human, half Malkavain Vampire. Otherwise known as a Dhamphire (can never spell it). ~she lifts the mead to her lips and takes a small sip~
MariusWolfsbane: Marius would raise a brow to the woman's question, unsure of her agenda behind it. But he would be sure to answer her nonetheless. "I too am half vampire, half human. My father was a vampire lord, and moy mother was a wealthy noble."
Dollip0p: *Calliope smiled some more knowing more about them. She felt the need to share a bit of herself, " I am a succubus. Nothing too special about that. I never kne my birth father..." She moved in her seat a bit preparing herself for truthfulness, "The man whom I called father is dead, by my own hands. And... well my mother... She is a rather busy woman."
DragoonSoul: -Sara moved back to her pillow, kneeling once more as she started to suck on the candy some more. Her eyes closed as she kept humming quietly to herself staying in her own world.-
MaximumOverdrive: ~she listens and blinks as the girl said what she was.~ A succubus? My my, haven't seen one of your kind in a while. Very nice to see one around. I do hope you will stay and join our small, but growing happy home. ~she sips more on her mead, slipping the tray between her and Marius~
MariusWolfsbane: Marius would echo the queen's words within his head. It had been some time since he'd been in the presence of such a creature as well. "It's good to have you here, Calliope. Whatever past you remember shall be left at the door of this mannor should you choose to join us. Your slate will be clean and you'll be expected to contribute to our cause like all the others who reside. The queen here and I included." He would look the woman straight in the eye, smiling to her. "Would you care to join us?"
Dollip0p: *She would ift her brow quizzically, "Before I accept... What is your cause?"**
DragoonSoul: -Sara slowly shifted so she was sitting with her legs to the side while she kept sucking on the candy.-
MaximumOverdrive: ~She continues drinking as she was quite thirsty for some reason, allowing Marius to answer her question.~
MariusWolfsbane: He would nod. "Yes, well our cause currently is survival and growth. I won't lie to you. We don't have much in terms of people, alliances, or resources. But we're slowly changing this for he better. We need all the help we can muster, and your talents would be invaluable to us. Will you help us to grow and prosper?"
Dollip0p: *She crossed her thigh on top of one nother and began to gonue at her pearled fang once more, "I have served as a high preistess for several surrounding kingdoms and empires. I have also been a ambasador," she pressed her ips together tightly before continuing, " All of which I am still in good standing with I believe." She grinned nd nodded, "I would be happy to assist your empire in it's pursuit to thrive."**
DragoonSoul: -Sara crawled from her pillow going back to the kitchen thinking of getting something to drink while she sucked on the candy. Her hips moved slowly as she crawled keeping her head forward to make sure she didn't run into anything.-
MaximumOverdrive: ~she watches Sara and chuckles softly, starting at her rear for a moment before lifting her eyes back to Calliope~ Oh that is wonderful to hear dear. Again I am sorry I had to make you wait. I am sure the rest and all was what you needed for a bit. ~she speaks quickly taking another sip to hide the blush on her face from looking at Sara~
MaximumOverdrive: *staring
MariusWolfsbane: Marius would clap his hands happily. "Wonderful! Now, I would propose that Calliope be assigned as an advisor and diplomat to our kingdom, Lia. She has already established connecions that may prove to be useful later on. What do you think?" He would then look to the queen after having smiled to Calliope.
MaximumOverdrive: (i have 30 minutes til bed)
MariusWolfsbane: Gottcha ^_^))
Dollip0p: (sorry I am wrestling with IMVU name change atm... posting)
MariusWolfsbane: No worries! Tyt))
MaximumOverdrive: (its time for bed.....~pouts~ can you save this Marius?)
MariusWolfsbane: Sure thing, Lia.))
MaximumOverdrive: (thank you hun)


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